Used Douglas Pot & Pan Washer (Propane) Model LD-10



Used Douglas Pot & Pan Washer (Propane), Model # LD-10

Serial # 93/2427


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Used Douglas Pot & Pan Washer (Propane), Model # LD-10

Serial # 93/2427

The Douglas Model LD-10 is a compact, easy to install, workhorse that is designed to wash and sanitize containers commonly found in the bakery, meat, poultry, candy and foodservice industries. Containers include sheet pans, cake pans, meat lugs, candy molds, trays, utensils, buckets, machine parts, and mixing bowls up to 140 quarts. This powerfully efficient machine features a space saving lift door design, a heavy duty 5 H.P. pump, a compact 30" width and a generous 10 pan capacity. It also features the company's newest product innovations including a push button control and information center that incorporates a digital display to monitor key performance functions and make the machine easier to operate and service. Recirculating wash water is pumped through high velocity, stainless steel "V' jets designed to cut and remove stubborn soils and baked-Qn goods. With an average wash/rinse cycle of just 5 minutes, clean-up is quick and economical. Available with electric, gas or steam heating, the LD-10 is the most advanced and easy to use washer on the market today and is ideal for bakeries, supermarkets, food processing plants, commissaries, restaurants, hotels and institutions.

  • Rugged Stainless Steel Construction
  • Self Contained Water Heating
  • Front-loading, Lift Door Design
  • Recirculating Wash Water
  • User-Friendly, Push-Button Operation
  • Fresh Water Sanitizing Rinse
  • Digital Control and Information Center
  • Moisture Resistant Control Gauges
  • Precision Engineered Spray Patterns
  • External Rinse Hose & Spray Gun
  • Versatile Racking System
  • Removable, Dual Filtration System
  • Adjustable Wash & Rinse Cycles
  • Two Year Warranty Program

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