Used Mettler-Toledo Hi-Speed, In Lane Divider and Converger



Used Mettler-Toledo Hi-Speed, In Lane Divider and Converger, Model # DVSSH-ADV

The Hi-Speed Magna-Switch product handling system is designed for applications where several downstream machines are required to maintain package flow, or where you need two or more lanes to converge into one.


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The Magna-Switch utilizes a unique roller assembly to converge or divide products in a packaging line. Adjustable centerlines and multiple lane patterns are made with simple adjustments. Hi-Speed's convergers and line dividers incorporate a modular design so they are easy to set up and reconfigure to meet your changing requirements. Standard or custom-designed systems are available.

Magna-Switch controls allow the discharge lanes to be balanced or uneven. The system will react to downstream conditions such as a disabled machine and distribute the packages to the remaining lanes. The Magna-Switch system is available in custom configurations for a wide range of packages including cartons, bottles, cups, and flexible packages.

Patented Jam Free Magnetic Switching, Higher Line Rates (up to 350 Feet Per Minute.

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